Milky Way Cafe
Version 2

Designed By Martin Fitzgibbons

ę Rush Software 1987 - 1999

Technical Support


If you are experiencing any problems you can call, fax, leave a message or email us (making us very accessible). Remember to leave some details as to the problem and speak slowly when quoting your phone number. It is sometimes hard to reach you when you have classes or when we are at conferences, so if you don't mind us calling you at home please quote your home phone number and a suitable time. We are interested in what you have to say so be understanding if you don't hear from us straight away as we have busy schedules and are sometimes away at conferences.

Site Licence

This will enable your school to run this software legally on as many machines as you like within the institution that has purchased the original copy. Rush site licences range from $49 - $199. If you have purchased a single version OR previous version and wish to upgrade versions or to a site licence, then send proof of purchase plus the difference in cost and we will send you an upgraded copy plus a SITE LICENCE CERTIFICATE to be retained for AUDITING purposes OR contact the dealer you purchased the product from for local support details.




To install Milky Way Cafe V2 on a Hard Disk, insert the Milky Way Cafe V2 disk in any drive and double-click on the "Milky Way" disk icon. Drag the "Milky Way" drawer onto your Hard Disk. (You have now copied the program and associated files from the floppy disk to your Hard Disk, now store the master disk in a safe place. It is recommended that you make a backup of this disk for your Library archives)

To load Milky Way Cafe simply open the drawer and double-click on the "Milky Way" program icon.

IBM Compatible Machines
Start Windows
Insert disk into drive A:
From the Program Manager select the File Menu and choose RUN
Type A :\Setup and press Enter
Follow the installation instructions and a new program group and icons will be installed.
Double-click the Milky Way Cafe program icon to start.
Windows 95 Users should select "Add/Remove New Program" icon from the Control Panels and follow the prompts.


The game is designed for an individual or team to run a small Cafe located in Outer Space. The Cafe sells BOGGLE THIRST ZAPPERS, which refresh the weary space travellers. As the manager of the Cafe you must;

An excellent program that traverses many curriculum areas. Teachers can keep the principles simple for the younger students but may also extend their most capable students.

Enhancements in Version 2.0

Teaching Strategies

The following strategies have been designed to prompt you to the diverse range of approaches that can be used with Milky Way Cafe V2. Please write to me care of Rush Software or our email address and let me know of other creative uses.


  1. Print a copy of the Boggle Thirst Zapper ingredients. Have the class members design their own recipes for other MWC beverages. Submit them to Rush Software by email for posting on our web site.

  2. Print the Ship Register. Have students draw/design new ships for the fleet. You can use a paint program or standard art materials to design the ships that will decorate your room.

  3. As a writing exercise have the students write/type a ship profile to accompany the picture

  4. Print the Job Advertisement for the Cafe Manager. Have your students prepare a Resume and covering letter applying for the job as Cafe Manager. This assignment can be as elaborate as you want including a digitised image of the applicant.

  5. Alternatively at the end of playing the game have the students design an advertisement for - the Cafe, The Manager position, a Cafe Assistant

  6. The Balance Sheet and Trading Sheet spreadsheet printouts make the basis of 2 activities which reinforce the mathematical principles underlying the MWC game.

    • Print the Trading and Balance sheets on the last day of the game. Select ˝Print without totalsţ and have the students calculate Total Income, Total Expenditure, Trading Profit/Loss and Net Worth of the Cafe.

    • Have the students try to recreate the Trading / Balance sheets in their own Spreadsheet program, using the printed values as test values. If your spreadsheet has a graphing facility use it to graph the daily progress of profit and loss.



Milky Way Cafe is a small business simulation, where the player must manage a cafe in space for a specified period of time. Ingredients are purchased daily from the central stores purchasing computer and then the player must determine how many Boggle Thirst Zappers to produce.

This is determined by the spacecraft arrivals for that day as reported on the docking schedule list. It is also possible to hire alien assistants and to buy advertising to attract customers to the cafe.

The object of the game is to trade at a profit for the selected period. If the player has scored high enough, they will be added to the high score table and will get to play a bonus game called "Zap the Alien". A Certificate of Achievement can be printed for making the top ten.

Starting Out

Select "begin" to start the game. Select the number of days to manage the cafe, depending on the time you have available as there is no option to save a partly completed game.

You will be given your instructions from the employment agency. Read the instructions carefully as they may hold valuable hints for running the business successfully. [The Job description can be printed at this point and students may be asked to create a Resume as though they were applying for the job]

The game will begin and you will see the docking schedule for the current day. Examine the ship crew numbers carefully as this will determine what stocks of ingredients you need to purchase, and then click OK to go to the stock purchase section.

On the Stock Purchasing section, click on the up and down arrows to choose the amount of stock to purchase. As you purchase stock, your current balance will
decrease accordingly. [Hint: You can sell existing stock as well as purchase to make a profit]. See the recipe for correct quantities required to produce the Boggle Thirst Zapper.

Example to make 15 goblets of BTZ, buy the following ingredients

1 Kg of Denso Crystals = 15 goblets
8 Rusilan Fruit = 16 goblets
3 Venusian Marsh Gas = 15 goblets
3 Pewter goblets packets = 15 goblets

On the Stock Production section, you can select how many goblets to produce, which should be based on the number of crew members arriving that day. Also, set the amount you will charge for each drink. It is important to calculate the cost of drink based on what you have spent to produce the drink, plus a reasonable profit. What constitutes a reasonable profit is a matter for you to determine but supply and demand, advertising and the amount of help you hire all determine what the customers think is a fair profit.

You will be asked if you wish to hire Alien Help and Advertising. The cost is $5 per Helper or Advertisement. On the Alien Help screen click on the number of aliens you wish to hire (1 to 6). On the Advertising section select the number of signs to hire for that day.

The Milky Way Cafe screen will appear and the waiter will show you the results of the day's trading. Click on Continue to go to the spreadsheet section where you can view and print details of your trading and balance sheets.

Trade Spreadsheet

Balance Spreadsheet


At this stage you may be asked if you wish to repay part of your overdraft. Enter the amount to repay by clicking on the numeric keypad. If you do not wish to repay anything, simply click on Send with no amount entered. [Remember you are paying 10% interest per day on the initial $100 you borrowed]

If you are trading poorly you may be declared bankrupt. The game continues until the number of days has expired or you are declared bankrupt. If you have traded well enough you will be put on the Top Ten List and be able to play the bonus game of "Zap That Alien", a simple game designed as a small reward.

Keyboard Commands

F5 - Toggles Music On or Off
F6 - Toggles Sound On or Off

Escape - Abandons game and returns to Main Menu.

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