Cloze Passage2

Multimedia presentations use a combination of {1}________________ to pass on information. In so {2}________________ it is recognised that different people {3}________________ in different ways and that the {4}________________ information presented in a number of {5}________________ is learned more effectively. Multimedia elements {6}________________ text, hypertext, sound, graphics animation and {7}________________. Many presentations also include an interactive {8}________________ as well. For a computer system {9}________________ be a real multimedia system it {10}________________ be well equipped. There is not {11}________________ point in attempting multimedia on a {12}________________ 8bit computer. While you can work {13}________________ some limited elements such as a {14}________________, you cannot sample the full range {15}________________ elements. An effective multimedia workstation requires {16}________________ of RAM, a fast processor and {17}________________ fast CD drive. In recent years {18}________________ speeds have increased from single speed {19}________________ in excess of 16 times faster {20}________________ CD player speed. Presenters of information {21}________________ always looking for better ways to "{22}________________ up" information so that the receiver {23}________________ the information in a more meaningful {24}________________. Multimedia achieves this through interactivity. This {25}________________ that the person seeking information can {26}________________ when, where and how often they {27}________________ the information.

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