Cloze Passage Wizard

Problem: Using the PC version, I get an error 002 message when selecting PRINT from the menu.

  Solution: Return your disk to Rush Software for a replacement. Alternatively, contact us and we can email you a new .exe file to fix the problem.
Problem: Using the PC version, my cloze passage gets mixed up with the sample cloze.
  Solution: This problem occurs because a beta version was confused with the final version for a short period. Send your disk back to Rush Software for a replacement.
Problem: I use an Epson 400, 700 or 740 series printer. When I try to print, the program crashes.
  Solution: It is believed that this problem is caused by Epson changing their printable area slightly, with our programs created to print slightly outside this area. Fortunately the fix is easy: before you print, make sure that you have selected the option in the Epson print requester that says "Fit to Page". In addition, ensure you are using the latest driver from the Epson site.


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