Crossword Wizard V4

Problem: Windows Version Only - Printing


When I try print a puzzle the output is of poor quality. Wordlists have the first letter missing and the border overlaps the puzzle.


Solution: Check that the version you are using is V4.0.1 or above. If it isn't, download the free upgrade. Also make sure that the 4 margins are set to zero (0) when the Page Setup appears.

Problem: Windows Version Only - Playing Crosswords


When I try to play a puzzle in the Crossword Wizard Creator the menu is disabled.


Solution: Download the Free upgrade to Version 4.0.1 or above

Problem: Windows Version Only - Importing Old Files


When I try to import Version 3 Crossword Wizard files the files don't appear in the load dialog or don't appear after loading.


Solution: Download the Free upgrade to Version 4.0.2 Creator

Problem: Incorrect Scoring in Player
  When getting the score for a puzzle it gives an inaccurate mark if I save and then reload the puzzle or if I use the delete key to make a correction to the word
  Solution: Download the Free upgrade to Version 4.0.2 Player
Problem: I am having trouble Networking Version 4 on Windows, every user has to enter the registration code. Is there asimpler way?

Solution: Putting the cwwprefs file which is created when you register into the users profile works and saves every user having to register. For example with XP the path might be

Server - \\Servername\Profiles\username\Application Data OR
Locally - C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data




Version Information


Released September 2003






Windows Creator Changes

  • Save As Player Puzzle Fixed
  • Access to Player from within Crossword Creator Fixed
  • Enhanced Puzzle Printout with more printer driver support

Macintosh Creator Changes

  • Minor screen refresh problems fixed in OSX version



Windows Creator Changes

  • Import Old CW File menu option fixed to allow V3.4 crossword support


Windows & Macintosh Creator Changes (5th Feb 2004)

  • Functionality change :- Double-Click word in word list to Edit a Word instead of Delete. To Delete a word, Click to select and then press the Delete Key
  • Fixed Quit/Save work process
  • Acitvated the Close box on main window to correspond with quitting
  • Functionality change :- While Editing clues the Enter key now progresses to the next clue


Windows & Macintosh Player Changes (5th Feb 2004)

  • Fixed puzzle scoring, using the delete key caused an incorrect score
  • Fixed Quit/Save work process
  • Fixed Load/Save score recalculation


Windows & Macintosh Creator Changes (10th Feb 2004)

  • Functionality change for Export Menu options - more choices
  • Fixed an error in the Puzzles ->Crossword menu where by the clues would not print sometimes
  • Fixed Import and Auto-Create options where a word from your list was deleted
  • Added a Change Size options for Find-A-Word grid size
  • Further checks now in place for importing word list text files. An error would occur if the file was incorrectly formatted. Now fixed
  • New Import features for Word Lists. You can now import text files that have one word per line OR words typed consecutively separated by a space OR simply copy a block of text from the internet or any file and PASTE it using the new IMPORT menu option.
  • Drag and drop support for the new text file formats




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