Find-A-Word Wizard V4

Problem: Windows Version Only - Printing


When I try print a puzzle the output is of poor quality. Wordlists have the first letter missing and the border overlaps the puzzle.


Solution: Check that the version you are using is V4.0.1 or above. If it isn't, download the free upgrade. Also make sure that the 4 margins are set to zero (0) when the Page Setup appears.

Problem: I can't change the puzzle from Uppercase to Lowercase


Solution: A bug was intoduced in V4.0.1 and has now been fixed


Download the Free upgrade to Version 4.0.2 or above


Problem: When I edit/create a wordlist using the built-in wordlist creator, the first word is deleted when I click the Apply button.


Solution: Download the Free upgrade to Version 4.0.3 or above


Problem: I am having trouble Networking Version 4 on Windows, every user has to enter the registration code. Is there a simpler way?

Solution: Putting the fwwprefs file which is created when you register into the users profile works and saves every user having to register. For example with XP the path might be

Server - \\Servername\Profiles\username\Application Data OR
Locally - C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data




Version Information


Released March 2003





  • New version to improve printer compatability for Windows users
  • Enhanced Puzzle Printout with more printer driver support




  • Fixed Uppercase/Lowercase menu bug


Changes (5th April 2004)

  • Fixed Wordlist Creator/Editor bug where the first word is deleted each time the editor is accessed
  • Added Clipboard Import option. You can now copy any text to the clipboard, wheter it is a passage from the internet or a one word per line wordlist and use this import option to create your puzzle. All words with 3 or more letters are used.




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