New Products and News - Oct 2009

  • Crossword Wizard V5 - now available. Plenty of changes to keep up with OSX and Windows OS releases. Keep an eye out for a release V5.6 before Christmas 2009
  • Products removed - Some of our older Classic only programs such as Maths Worksheet Wizard are no longer available.

New Products and News - June 2004

  • Crossword Wizard V4.06 - now available. A non essential update addressing a few minor issues with print formatting and functionality of the clueless crossword.
  • Crossword Wizard V4.05 - now available, includes Print Preview and new Crossword Wizard Lite version as a cheap alternative for dedicated crossword users
  • BizWiz- The Computer Manager - This motivating small business simulation should prove popular among Primary schools and High schools as a tool for teaching many aspects of technology, basic business principles, arithmetic, computing terminology and more
  • Crossword Wizard Web Site - Crossword Wizard now has its own web site at

New Products and News - October 2003

  • Crossword Wizard V4.01 - An early revision mainly for Windows users. This update includes the crossword player module plus enhanced printouts covering nearly all printer drivers. An essential update for all Windows users. The Mac version contains some minor fixes for screen refreshes.
  • Crossword Wizard V4 - Great new features; built-in dictionary for generating wordlists and clues, new puzzles, solutions for all puzzles, new exports, import tab/colon delimited files, colour printouts, extra long clue support, font control and extensive preference control to name a few. Should be available by October 2003
  • Windows XP - The Rush software range of programs were originally designed for systems pre Windows 2000. Testing so far has revealed that all program WILL run (without any reported issues so far) under Windows XP if you use the Compatibility Wizard in the Accessories Menu. The process need only to be done once. Best performance is gained when you select Windows 95 Compatible and turn XP Themes OFF. New versions are currently underway for Crossword Wizard and Cloze Wizard and should be available by Term 4 2003.
  • Find-A-Word Wizard V4 - Now available. Not to be confused with Crossword Wizard which will only do simple Find-A-Words. This program was designed mainly for Primary/Elementary school teachers for spelling list reinforcement. The focus is to provide an interesting range of Puzzles for classwork and some additional combination Puzzles sheets for homework. MORE than your average Find-a-word program.


  • Maths Worksheet Wizard Volume 2 - Now available for download, in stores soon. The Macintosh and Windows Versions are now underway (one nearly complete). After the success of Volume One, many teachers have made a request for even more. At this stage, the following activities will be included:
    • Arithmetic Drill
    • Money
    • Number Patterns
    • Order Of Operations
    • Rounding
    • Percentages
    • Equations II
    • Fractions -> Decimals
    • Algebra
    • Fractions -> Percentages
    • Place Value


  • Maths Worksheet Wizard - The Macintosh and Windows Versions are now ready. Yes - another teaching utility that will produce endless supplies of worksheets for home or school! Check it out.