Installation Guide

Network Installation (NT or Netware)

You require a network username and password (usually administrator or supervisor) that will allow you to write files to the network share where applications are stored.

These programs will only install to a network share that is mapped to a drive letter. You cannot install to or run the program correctly from a UNC path (\\server\apps\wizard\). If you do not have a mapped drive to the network share where you wish to install the product you need to map the share as a network drive now (you cannot preform this task through the installer). It is suggested you (or your network administrator) create a permanent network share map through a login script. If you are unable to do this then follow the instructions for manually creating a drive map under windows before continuing (This method is not recommended as a permanent solution as it has many pitfalls).

Follow the installation instructions.

On the "Select Destination Directory" dialogue box use the pull down menu to select the drive letter of the mapped network share. Continue the installation as normal and a new Program Group and icons will be installed in a folder called "Wizard" on the mapped network share.

The icons in the program group will point to the programs path on the mapped server drive. You now need to provide shortcuts to the program on all workstations. Network administrators use various methods to accomplish this. If you do not utilise profiles, custom Program Folders or products like Microsoft SMS or Novell ZenWorks and/or you are unsure of how to do this for your system you may simply just want to copy the program group "Crossword Wizard" from the system where you installed it and copy it to all other systems. Alternatively you could just browse the share on the other workstations and create a shortcut for the program.


To manually create drive map under Windows

To map a server share in Windows 9x or 2000 you can simply browse the server through network neighbourhood and click on it with the right mouse button.

Choose "Map Network Drive" from the menu and click with the left mouse button. Windows will present you with a dialogue box showing the next available drive letter, the share path and a tick box to reconnect the share at logon. You need to choose a drive letter that is available on all computers where you wish to run the program. Remember that besides physical drives there are also removable drives (like Zips) and special server default server maps (f: drive maps in Netware) that you need to account for on all machines. Choose your drive letter and tick the "Reconnect at Logon" option then click the OK button. If you server is down at times then you may loose this drive map and have to redo this procedure. You will need to map this same drive path and letter on each computer where you wish to run the program.

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