All our programs run as demonstrations with some features disabled (eg. save, print) until you enter a registration number.

You can get a registration number from Rush Software by emailing us with your details and credit card number, secure online purchasing is available. Alternatively, Australian schools can fax a school order form or contact their local software dealer. A separate code must be purchased for each product.

Once the program is installed, run the program.

Crossword Wizard, Find-A-Word Wizard, BizWiz

All other Programs

Your program should now be registered and show your details in the REGISTRATION DETAILS menu option. All features should be enabled.

A different registration number must be purchased for EACH product (for example, you can't use your Crossword Wizard number to register Cloze Wizard).

Why are all the programs on the one CDROM?
Answer: To provide teachers with the opportunity to trial the software before buying. This way you can test software features and check for compatibility issues before buying.