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Rush Software began in 1987 to meet the needs of an emerging computer market in Australian schools. While teaching Computing Studies, Information Technology and Computer Programming I found the need for a number of programs over the years but Crossword Wizard has been the most enduring cross-curricula program and remains our number one seller.

Our programs are:

  1. Tools to assist educators in their work

  2. For students to supplement a wide variety of curriculum areas for K-12

  3. Supporting curriculum objectives

We recognize educators’ needs for curriculum materials to support the total integration of technology into their courses. We have been committed to providing a variety of materials which will assist teachers to use computers in a creative environment for many years.

Past K12 Products (Platforms: Microbee/Amiga/Macintosh & Windows)

Motorised Markbook (NSW Board Of Studies), Find-a-Word Wizard, Cloze Wizard, Maths Wizard, Tradewind Travellers, Simon Says at the Zoo, Simon Says at the Beach, Simon Says Around Australia, Endless Stories, The First Fleet Database, Kids Paint I/II, Search For Sanchez, Milky Way Cafe, Board Game Construction Kit, Merit Maker, Galactic Quiz Master & Biz Wiz.

Unfortunately the majority of programs are now obsolete due to OS changes and failure of the platform to survive. The only current OS compatible programs are Crossword Wizard Creator V6, Crossword Wizard Player V7 and BizWiz Simulation.


Rush Software