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Our first mobile apps are listed below.

Some Apps are only Apple IOS at this stage but will look to add Android late in 2020.

  1. Go Sally Surfing (Surfing Game)

        Surf endless waves with professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons!

        Surf the wave, dodge the rocks, grab power-ups, catch BIG AIR and pull EPIC TRICKS. Get the highest score with the

        longest run and compete for the top spot on the high score table. Just don’t fall off!

        Apple Store link

        Google Play Store

  1. Sally’s World (Sally Fitzgibbons Pro Surfer App) - FREE

        Find out everything you want to know about Sally Fitzgibbons journey on the World Tour with her Free Surf Fan App.

            - Take a Selfie with Sally and post it on your social media #SallySelfie

            - Find out what music Sally is listening to.

            - See Sally's WSL stats

            - Check her WSL event results all in the one place

            - Get some inspiration from Sally and her favourite surfers video clips

            - Blog posts not shown elsewhere to keep you updated pre or post event.


         App Store Link

  1. Surf Coach (Coaching assistant app for Parents, Coaches and aspiring Competition Surfers)

            - Beach Map: Mark out key features on the beach.

            - Wave Counter: Keep track of the how many and what type of waves are breaking.

            - Heat Scores: Track the number of waves, type of waves, lulls and graph the results

            - Surf Notes: Jot down key points about the break for the up coming heat or for the return visit. Share the notes via email.

            - Video Inspos: Links to inspiring video clips by Professional Surfers

            - Coaching Tips: Some broader surfing issues discussed


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