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Electronic Judging

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Perfect for Board Rider Clubs, Coaches and Competition Surfers and aspiring Judges

While there are more comprehensive integrated online systems for judging at a professional level, ‘Surf Judge’ can play an integral part in all boardrider clubs and will also be a valuable tool for coaches and competitors to better understand the Judging Process.

Key Features

     - Beach Map: Mark out key features on the beach to determine the contest zone and communicate to competitors.

     - Make The Call: Keep track of the how many and what type of waves are breaking to assess if the contest can go ahead.

     - Score It: Keeps track of scores, interferences and times the heat deciding the placings

     - Map It: Keeps track of scores, where the waves were located, interferences and times the heat deciding the placings

     - Judging Notes: Jot down key points about the break for the up coming heat or for the return visit.

     - Share the notes via email.

     - Video Inspos: Links to Sample video clips by Professional Surfers

     - Judging Tips: Some broader Judging issues discussed

NB: Scoring can deal with up to 4 surfers and calculate priority and non priority interferences

Available for Apple IOS Click Here