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Coaching assistant App for Parents, Coaches and aspiring Competition Surfers

If you are just starting out in your coaching or are a parent of a son or daughter that want to start competing then the Surf Coach App will help you on that journey. Surf Coach will help organize your sessions and provide a structure that is easy to communicate with the athlete. If you are coaching multiple athletes then Surf Coach will provide you with an electronic scoring system and timer that can break down the heat into timed intervals showing you the waves caught in each period.

Key Features

     - Beach Map: Mark out key features on the beach.

     - Wave Counter: Keep track of the how many and what type of waves are breaking.

    - Heat Scores: Track the number of waves, type of waves, lulls and graph the results

     - Surf Notes: Jot down key points about the break for the up coming heat or for the return visit.

     - Share the notes via email.

     - Video Inspos: Links to inspiring video clips by Professional Surfers

     - Coaching Tips: Some broader surfing issues discussed

Available for Apple IOS Click Here