Crossword Wizard V6.0

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Putting the magic back into crossword making!

A tools for teachers, students and puzzle enthusiasts to quickly produce professional looking crosswords and puzzles.

The Crossword Wizard series is now broken into two new 64-bit MacOSX and Windows versions

  1. 1.Crossword Wizard Education Version V6

The education version is an update of our most popular program tailored to help teachers to produce high quality curriculum support material in the quickest and easiest way. Just think from the one set of words and clues being able to produce up to 12 different worksheet types.

Buy a site licence of the player program to allow students to solve the puzzles on their own laptops and email the resulting marks to their teacher.

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  1. 2.Crossword Wizard Player Version V7

A separate Player program is available to play your crosswords on screen. The player program is also capable of generating crosswords from the built-in dictionary but with less control over the word entry than the education version.

If you are a crossword enthusiast and just like solving crosswords then this program will keep you busy with the millions of random crosswords it is capable of producing.

The player program is also able to load custom crosswords created by the Crossword Wizard EDUCATION version.

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