Crossword Wizard 6.0 Tour

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Localization for SPANISH, FRENCH and GERMAN


A simple yet powerful interface.

There are no complicated controls or commands to learn. Crossword Wizard makes it easy with a straight forward interface and easy to understand toolbar icons.

The comprehensive help system is only a click away.


What sets Crossword Wizard apart?

The 12 different puzzle types that are built into Crossword Wizard are there to supplement the primary function of creating Crosswords. A new easy to follow interface makes selection easy with a preview and description. If you want you can use the same words and clues from the crossword you have on screen or you can generate the extra puzzles from the dictionary or imported list.


Puzzle shapes

Along with the traditional crossword layout that you see in the newspaper with blackouts, Crossword Wizard also provides the option to drop in a graphic background or to design your own puzzle shape. The shape will appear in the printout and the puzzle words are constrained within.


Extensive Printing Options

The professional printouts for Mac and Windows users are highlighted by the many options you can choose from prior to printing. Colour, borders, footers, instructions, clue type and answer hints all at the click of a button.

Extensive Preference Options

Preferences can be easily set up as defaults. Colour selection, font, size, columns etc

You can create interactive web pages.

Not only does Crossword Wizard have several different printing options, but you can also save your crossword as a web page.  You can create a web pages that your users can play right in their web browser, without the need for any additional software.  It's easy—just click one link, and you're done.