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Easy to use interface allows you to create your Crossword keeping control over how the puzzle looks. Add a graphic background to enhance the meaning

Printing preferences and colour controls are able to be fully customized to the look and feel you want. Add Hints to suit the level ability of the player.

The Shape Creator is another simply way to add some fun to the look of the crossword by restricting the region where the words appear

The built in Dictionary allows you to create you crosswords with a few clicks. You can control the length of the word, how many words and even word characteristics. Edit the clue meanings if they don't suit your target audience.

One of the favourite features of Crossword Wizard is the extensive list of extra word puzzles that can be created from the same wordlist you are working on in the crossword puzzle with next to no extra effort. Circular Find-a-words, Clueless Crosswords, Word Jumbles and Code Words to name a few.