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Crossword Wizard iPlayer V1 - IOS

Localization for SPANISH, FRENCH and GERMAN



- New in V1 is the ability to also create generic crosswords based on a range of parameters but not with the same flexibility as Crossword Wizard V6 Creator version.

- Play

  1. Standard Crosswords

  2. Shape Crosswords (designed in the Creator version)

  3. Graphic Background Crosswords (designed in the Creator version)

  4. -Turn on timer to race the clock

  5. -Need some help?

  6. Get a HINT. Showing the vowels or first letters of the answers can be done for 3 seconds but comes at a price. Each time the user requests this a 5% deduction is made from the overall score.

  7. Show all the answers. The user needs a password to do this which is set by the person who created the crossword. A 20% deduction is made from the score.

  8. Each time a Hint is requested the Hint Count goes up by 1 and is shown on the screen and the printout if one is done.

  9. Speaking On/Off. To assist users who may have some reading disability you can have the clues spoken.

- Save your progress or print your results

  1. -Mark your work and print a report including the incorrect clues for review.

  2. -Mark your work and email your results to your teacher

Designed for playing your crosswords without the need for printing on Mobile devices.

The Crossword Wizard Player App is a separate program for mobile devices primarily designed for playing crosswords rather than creating worksheets or web pages as in the Creator version.

With the Crossword Wizard iPlayer you can

  1. -Play specifically made crosswords from the creator that a teacher may have made for a specific topic

  2. -Play randomly generated crosswords from the built-in dictionary

Localization for SPANISH, FRENCH and GERMAN

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