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Cloze Wizard Creator V3

Localization for SPANISH, FRENCH and GERMAN


Cloze Wizard is a powerful teaching utility that allows for quick and easy production of cloze passage exercises and a range of other language based worksheets.

Cloze Passage Wizard features;

The ability to add your favourite graphics to illustrate your passage

View wordlist and passage on screen

Reset the passage anytime

Export/Import Cloze or Text as a text file to and from a word processor

Fully control of Font selection and Sizes

Print Preview

Automatically extract every nth word

Selection of individual words or every occurrence of a word for removal

Create custom lists for removal from the passage and future passages

quality Cloze worksheet printouts from the one passage

        • Cloze Passage with wordlist

        • Cloze Passage without wordlist

        • Cloze Passage with extra words in wordlist

        • Cloze Cover Up

        • Cloze Scramble

        • Cloze rewrite

        • Cloze Jumble

        • Cloze Meanings

        • Cloze Punctuation

        • Cloze Alternate words

        • Cloze Nonsense words

        • Cloze Readability Measure


There is a separate Cloze Wizard Player program available on the store for playing cloze passages on your computer.