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Cloze Wizard Player V3

Localization for SPANISH, FRENCH and GERMAN


Cloze Wizard Player lets you play cloze passages with hints, timers, auto correction, speech support, font control. Copy and paste any text to create your own passages.

Cloze Wizard Player is a powerful teaching utility that allows for quick and easy practice of cloze passage exercises.

Students often need to see text in a range of different formats to fully understand the meaning of terms and phrases used. Cloze Wizard Player follows in the footsteps of our highly popular Crossword Wizard, giving Teachers a similarly easy to use interface.

A Cloze passage is a reading passage in which the words have been systematically removed. The reader is asked to fill in the spaces with an appropriate replacement word.

The concept of a Cloze makes students use their understanding of syntax, grammar and semantics (meaning) to make meaningful guesses about the missing word. It slows down the reading so that students concentrate on the meaning of the text.

The Cloze Wizard Player program is designed to play custom Clozes created with Cloze Wizard. The Cloze Wizard creator program also produces custom worksheets that may be printed to support the onscreen cloze practice.


    - Speech support

    - Definition look up

    - Font control

    - Race the clock

    - Feedback reports

Localised for German, French, Spanish and English